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Dental Malpractice

Filing a claim against your dentist or orthodontist falls under the umbrella of a medical negligence claim—in which you seek to prove that the medical practitioner failed to provide competent care, and that you suffered physical injuries due to negligent or sub-standard professional conduct. Having a lawyer investigate your case and provide expert representation is essential. There are many mishaps that can occur in any dental procedure—we can help to discern what went wrong that led to your injuries and build a strong case for you to seek a monetary reward.

Examples of Dental Malpractice

Examples of medical errors leading to dental malpractice claims include:

  • Infections
  • Failure to provide informed consent on any procedure
  • Failure to diagnose a serious medical condition that worsens
  • Excessive cuts or any kind of scars resulting from a cavity filling
  • Nerve severing during a tooth extraction
  • Removal of the wrong tooth during tooth extraction
  • Poorly performed root canals resulting in excessive pain
  • Any procedure that leads to a decrease in oral capacity

Obtain the Maximum Monetary Reward

Keep in mind that dental malpractice can lead to a variety of damages for injured clients—including physical pain and suffering, time lost from work, out-pocket-expenses, medical bills, and emotional distress. A medical negligence claim will seek to determine the full extent of the damages you have suffered and obtain the maximum monetary reimbursement for your troubles.

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